2 dads from NYC hoping to build their family through open adoption

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"Jason’s positive energy and sense of humor are part of what makes him easy to love. Every day I’m reminded of his passion for family, music and creativity."

James and Jason 2 dads from New York City open adoption
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We love to travel and we're excited for family adventures, seeing the world, and experiencing new places and what they have to offer. We love NYC, the fantastic city we call home. We can’t wait to see the wonder in our little one’s eyes when we explore the Statue of Liberty, and we’re eager to take our child to “visit the dinosaurs” at the Natural History Museum! As much as we love exploring, we also love home-cooked dinners and movie nights on the couch. Friday night is (almost always) pizza night!

"When James looks at you, you feel like the most special person in the world. I love knowing our child will grow up looking into those eyes, feeling so loved."